It all began in London, the year of our Lord 1986

Katharine Hemingway co founder of The Pie Shop

Hi my name is Katharine Hemingway,

and my husband Andrew dreamed up and brought into being the now practically famous Pie Shop. I'm so proud of him! It was him who thought all this up, literally built it (from scratch), sourced only the best for every part, and stuck to his vision of excellence even when it looked crazy (don't genius’s always look crazy?)

But we didn't do this alone. This is a family affair. We have five children and each one brought their gifts to bear along the way. Beautiful daughters Scarlet and Matilda work in the shop, creating and maintaining - along with the rest of our amazing team - the Pie Shop’s special warm atmosphere. Our musician son Oscar created our fabulous playlists and also lends his lovely self to Front of House when things get crazy busy (and they do!), and his precision-talented wife Amy hand painted our shop front sign.


Amazing mother of three, daughter Rosy lent her equally amazing husband Thomas to us for weeks when he handcrafted our super large wood and brass trimmed Pie Display Warmer. And last but not least, lovely daughter Bonnie-Kate works to find and care for our amazing staff, and puts her creative flair to use in taking photographs and putting our website together whilst her generous engineer husband Julian gets stuck in to help wherever he can.


As for the Extra-Special recipes, well they are a family affair too (kept in check by Andrew’s super high standards). Andrew is responsible for the Master and the Chief, Scarlet for the Commander and the Sweetheart. I am responsible for the Bella, the Maverick, and the Homestead, and everyone else taste tested and brought their thoughts to bear. Suffice it to say, it's been fun!


And lastly we want you to know that because family, home, strong lasting beauty and excellence in all things, and value for life is so important to us, we support Fallen Heroes, a charity which supports the families of those killed in defence of New Zealand since the year 2000. That means every time you buy a pie you support them too.


We hope you enjoy eating our pies as much as we've enjoyed creating them. And most of all we hope you enjoy your experience at the Pie Shop ...that you receive a warm welcome and feel like this is a place where you can be a human being not just a consumer.